From Genes to Geochemistry

The environment we experience is shaped and molded by life processes. The biological process that creates the oxygen you breath is carried out by microscopic organisms, Bacteria, Archaea and Eukaryaea. The waste you create and many of the chemicals that bleed out of the Earth itself can be substrates which drive biogeochemical processes. I’m interested in studying how these geomicrobial (earth and microbe) or biogeochemical (life, earth and chemical) processes occur, where they occur, how fast they occur and what are the significant geochemical markers of these processes in the geochemical record.

Within these pages I hope to convey;

1) the importance of this research and some of the techniques used to investigate these processes

2) linkages and similarities between coastal and deep-sea geomicrobial processes

3) provide a platform for dissemination of the primary research to the general public

Don’t worry, the water is not that deep, jump on in.